Who's who at Opus Design Studio including skill sets & expertise.

Abhik Banerjee

Architect & Co-Founder

Working as a Senoir Architect and founded Opus Design Studio with Lalit Pandey back in 2015. Instrumental in rise of Opus DS.

- Abhik Banerjee

Lalit Pandey

Architect & Founder

Working as an healthcare expert designer and participated in different award winning projects. Founded Opus Design Studio in 2015.

- Lalit Pandey

Design Consultant

Architecture & Planning Consultant for Opus DS.

- Akshay Bali

Project Architect

Specialised in Healthcare Projects. Oversees new projects for Opus DS.

- Navish Sethi

Interior Consultant

- Priyanka Jain Bannerjee

Interior Designer

- Shonali Verma