Our Strengths

Every project is an opportunity to establish a long term relationship with clients.

Strong Designing and Documentation

Quick Presentations and Visualizations

Optimum Use of Resources & Spaces

Conceptual Planning with Cost Estimation

Emphasis on Qualitative Cost Effectiveness

Integrated Engineering services

  • " In the field of architecture, interior designing and urban planning since past 5 years. He believes in creating functional and acceptable architectural projects. Architecture according to him should reflect nature and exhibit same amount of unity as prevail in nature and the design should be revolutionary as per client’s requirement and the site conditions. "

    - Lalit Pandey -

  • " Our work is a constant pursuit of a visionary aesthetic that encompasses all fields of design. We believe that once the trust of a client and the concept plan is resolved everything else, falls in place. Our central concerns involve a simultaneous engagement in practice and research. We design creative spaces in both private and government sectors. "

    - Abhik Banerjee -

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Our Team

Who's who at Opus Design Studio including skill sets & expertise.

Abhik Banerjee

Architect & Co-Founder

Working as a Senoir Architect and founded Opus Design Studio with Lalit Pandey back in 2011. Instrumental in rise of Opus DS.

- Abhik Banerjee

Lalit Pandey

Architect & Founder

Working as an healthcare expert designer and participated in different award winning projects. Founded Opus Design Studio in 2011.

- Lalit Pandey

Design Consultant

Architectural Designer. Architecture & Planning Consultant for Opus DS.

- Akshay Bali

Project Architect

Architech specialised in Healthcare & Oversees new projects for Opus DS.

- Navish Sethi

Interior Consultant

- Priyanka Jain Bannerjee

Interior Designer

- Shonali Verma

Our Works

Our endeavors for various clients across various forms of architectural designs.

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Our Updates

From the Opus DS blog by Lalit Pandey

Hospital Design Infrastructure and Rural Healthcare System by @opus_ds

Posted on April 10, 2016 at 10:00 PM

In India healthcare has been a neglected area by the government. That is evident from the fact that in 2002 investment in healthcare was only 0.9% of the total G.D.P. To cope up with both the old and the new challenges the need is to get .....

Hospital Design Infrastructure
Hotel Neelam by Opus DS

Hotel Neelam, Singrauli, MP

Posted on August 30, 2016 at 12:00 PM

Experience Hotel Neelam's pristine purity of newness where guests cannot help but marvel at the indulgently lavish decor and innovative artistic interiors by Opus DS.

Visit Hotel Website